Audio-Visual System

A modern, well-equipped village hall in Sandleheath

Audio-Visual System


Our village hall needs a modern Audio-Visual System (AVS) to bring exciting new social and educational opportunities to Sandleheath. It will enhance exercise and instructional classes, promote vivid, attention-getting presentations, allow high-quality music, and permit new social activities, such as community cinema. In addition, we want to future-proof our village against any potential events, like the current pandemic, by using our hall’s facilities to help develop and maintain a close, supportive community in Sandleheath.

Our comprehensive AVS will give us great film projection and excellent sound quality. It will consist of:

  • Loudspeaker and microphone system.

  • Amplifier.

  • Receiver units.

  • Digital projector.

  • Electrically operated projector screen.

  • Media player.

  • Storage rack.

  • Cabling and ancillaries.

Having approached several potential suppliers, we need to raise some £18,000 to make this aspiration a reality.


A contribution to our Fundraising Appeal will be most gratefully received, will help us purchase an AVS and will make a most positive difference to our village hall.

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