Work with us

A modern, well-equipped village hall in Sandleheath

Work with us

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Sandleheath Village Hall is managed by volunteers. As well as our trustees and committee, members of our local community and from further afield generously donate their time to help us, either with specific tasks or when we need surge support, such as for gardening gatherings.

Without volunteers, our village hall cannot operate.

You can join in and help us. Below are tasks for which we currently need assistance. Fancy joining in?

Charity volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community, is a satisfying and rewarding activity, and for the job seeker, a great enhancement to your CV! We particularly encourage youth volunteers.

Below is a current list of roles that we need people to undertake. Do you think you could do one of these? If so, please get in touch by emailing, or leave a message on our phone at 07887 763707.


Photo - Lisa Fotios

As a charity, we rely on volunteers for a number of activities, including our garden upkeep. Tasks include mowing the lawn, maintaining the flowerbeds, weeding the car park and paths, and removing leaves. If you would like to join the number of kind people who already help us keep our garden lovely, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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