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A modern, well-equipped village hall in Sandleheath

Work with us

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Sandleheath Village Hall is managed by volunteers. As well as our trustees and committee, members of our local community and from further afield generously donate their time to help us, either with specific tasks or when we need surge support, such as for gardening gatherings.

Without volunteers, our village hall cannot operate.

You can join in and help us. Below are tasks for which we currently need assistance. Fancy joining in?

Charity volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community, is a satisfying and rewarding activity, and for the job seeker, a great enhancement to your CV! We particularly encourage youth volunteers.

Below is a current list of roles that we need people to undertake. Do you think you could do one of these? If so, please get in touch by emailing, or leave a message on our phone at 07887 763707.


Dan Clinton ran the Gothenburg Marathon in aid of Sandleheath Village Hall

Our village hall needs to raise funds, in general to meet our annual overheads, and specifically, to finance our exciting current projects. We always need people to raise funds on our behalf.

Could you do that? You can use our village hall if you need it. How about:

  • Holding a coffee morning – at home or in the hall.
  • Conducting a jumble sale.
  • Participating in a sponsored event – from the London Marathon to a local walk. There are loads of suggestions online.
  • Or just set yourself a personal challenge, perhaps quitting smoking or doing daily exercise, and get some sponsorship.

You don’t have to leave home! Virtual social events are a great way to raise money – you can use platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Virtual events allow you to socialise with friends and raise funds for our village hall. Here are some ideas:

A sponsored coffee morning
  • Digital Bake-Off. Contact a group of friends to take part in a baking challenge over. You’d each have to bake a cake and would then invite the public (or just each other) to vote on the winner.
  • Digital Quiz. Form some teams, write some questions and choose a time to have the quiz. Invite participants to donate to our village hall to take part.
  • Gaming. Do you enjoy digital gaming? Why not start a league or knockout tournament, charge for entry and split the pot between the winner and Sandleheath Village Hall.

Use your imagination and have fun doing it! Please get in touch with any ideas and we’ll do all we can to help.

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