Frequently Asked Questions

A modern, well-equipped village hall in Sandleheath

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about hiring our village hall. Download as PDF.

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1. What are the dimensions of the hall? What useable space is available? 

Approximate measurements are:

  • The main hall is 6.4 x 12.3m (78.7 sq m).
  • The stepped area (two steps) is 6.4 x 1.0m (6.4 sq m).
  • The raised, carpeted ‘stage’ area is 5.1 x 3.0m (15.3 sq m).

For more details see our hall layout diagrams.

2: What is the hall floor plan?

We have a large, wooden-floored, open space leading to two wide carpeted steps and a raised, carpeted ‘stage’ area. The small kitchen and toilets (including disabled facilities) are in a block to the side. See our hall layout diagrams.

3: What is the hall capacity?

Up to 80 persons are permitted to use the hall at one time. See our hall layout diagram.

4: How many tables and chairs are available?
  • Upholstered chairs 60 (charcoal grey), foldaway tables 10 (6 x 2.5 ft, cream).
  • Additional, non-matching tables and chairs may be available on application.
5: What equipment/disposables are provided in the toilets?

The toilets have soap dispensers, paper towels and small hand driers.

6: Are there nappy change facilities?

Nappy changing facilities are available in the female/disabled toilet but all nappy bags etc. should be taken home and not left in the bins.

7: Are hirers expected to remove their own rubbish? Do they need to bring bin bags? 

Hirers are required to remove all rubbish other than paper towels and should bring their own rubbish bags. A broom and dustpan and brush are available for any sweeping up requirements.

8: Is the lighting dimmable?


9: Can you have real candles?

Birthday cake candles are allowed, providing a responsible adult is present, but other candles are not.

10: Is WiFi available?

Free mobile broadband (4g) is available if requested in advance. It will service up to 20 devices. The hirer should note the conditions of use in the Standard Conditions of Hire.

11: Is there an Audio-Visual System (AVS)? 

Currently, we have an audio system, with amplifier, speakers and both static and roaming microphones. We are fundraising for a video system which we will install later.

To donate to our AVS Appeal, see our website Projects Page.

12: Are power points available in the hall?

Numerous double power points are available at regular intervals around the inner walls of the hall.

13: What items of crockery and cutlery are available to the hirer?

The hall holds a variety of crockery and cutlery suitable for preparing and serving refreshments and snacks. See our Equipment List for the details.

14: Are tablecloths available?

No. Hirers may bring their own.

15: What washing up facilities are available? 

The hall has a washing up bowl, washing-up liquid, J-type cloths and a scouring brush.

16: Can the Garden area around the hall be used by hirers?
  • Use of the garden area is permitted if applied for in advance. The garden is fenced, but hirers are responsible for the safety of their guests.
  • Tentage/gazebos may be erected with prior approval, but overnight occupation is not permitted.
  • Barbecues (BBQs) may be permitted with prior permission.
  • Outside caterers may be used, but their vehicles should remain on the car park area and not obstruct the paths or carpark access. Hirers employing outside caterers (including for BBQs) should ensure they have adequate insurance.
  • We do allow bouncy castles outside if asked for in advance, but the hirer needs to ensure that the supplier has adequate insurance, that all moorings are secure and any posts/pegging covered, adequate matting is provided, and a responsible adult is present at all times.
  • Hirers are requested to limit noise whilst using the garden, so as not to disturb the neighbours.
17: Is there an outside power source?

There are two external double sockets: next to the front door and adjacent to the car park.

18: Are there any noise limits?

Our Standard Conditions of Hire state:

‘The Hirer must ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night and early in the morning. On occasions when the playing of amplified music or film is permitted, it is to be kept at a low volume and not audible outside of the Hall or Garden. The playing of all music and the showing of film is to cease by 10.30 p.m.’

19: Can decorations be hung inside? Are there any nails or tacks to them hang off?

Yes, with prior approval. There are no nails, hooks or tacks, and there should be no damage to the building.

20: Can decorations be hung outside or placed in the grounds? 

Yes, with prior approval. There should be no damage to the grounds or trees.

21:  May sky lanterns be used?

Sky lanterns are not permitted.

22: Are fireworks permitted?

Fireworks are not permitted.

23: Are fire pits permitted?

Fire pits are not permitted.

24: Are barbeques permitted?

See FAQ No. 16 – use of garden area.

25: Are there any movable notice boards or other display items in the hall? 

There is a moveable lectern and a moveable six-panel folding display board.

26: Is storage available for hirers equipment? 
  • There is no spare internal storage. Items may be stacked/placed neatly in the hall.
  • Hirers may be able to move stores to the hall shortly in advance of an single booking period, with prior approval.
  • Stores may not be left in the hall after your event or activity has taken place.
27: Are bouncy castles allowed?

See FAQ No. 16 – use of garden area.

28: Do you have reviews and can we submit reviews?

Yes, we welcome reviews and encourage our users to submit them. Please find more details on our 'Reviews' page.

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